Benefits of HTIW - an Overview

High Temperature Insulation Wools are used in high-temperature applications in the following industries:

  • ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • glass and ceramic
  • chemical and petrochemical
  • automotive and aerospace
  • power generation
  • domestic appliances

High Temperature Insulation Wools are technically essential in the production process/application:

  • emission control in vehicles (diesel particulate filters, catalytic converters)
  • lightweight fire protection (fast ferries, aircraft, spacecraft)
  • laboratory high-temperature equipment (chromatography, furnaces)
  • reinforcement of metals (lightweight pistons)
  • fuel cells

High Temperature Insulation Wools are economically necessary in the production process/properties/application:

  • high-efficiency, high-temperature furnaces
  • production of graphite fibres used in windmills
  • hot gas filtration

Speciality Markets

HTIW are also used where unique approaches are needed to solve catalyst support problems, high-temperature aggressive filtration problems or problems that exist in high-temperature high-performance situations requiring special solutions.