Case Study - Distillation Heater

Distillation Heater in a Refinery in Northeast France

Potential cost savings and a environmental impact deriving from improved insulation as well as the high cold face temperatures (average 120 °C) prompted the decision to replace the existing insulation with an AES wool product.

Characteristics of the AES insulation:

  • Applied in a gunned monolithic foam structure
  • Treated area extends to a height of 15 m giving a total area of approximately 300 m2
  • Installed at a rate of 2.5 m3/hr, which significantly reduced the heater downtime
  • Thermographic tests confirmed a drop in cold face temperatures of about 70 °C to an average of 50 °C
  • Annual fuel savings for the heater have been estimated at 100000 € with consequential savings  in CO2 emissions