Case Study - CSP Stripping Furnace

Being discontent with the durability of furnace rollers five years development time in a plant of Thyssen Krupp in Duisburg (Germany) have led to a process of improvement resulting in an optimised insulation using High Temperature Insulation Wool products.

Transporting slabs through the roller hearth furnaces severely damaged the insulation of the rollers by concussion and high temperatures reaching 1.200 °C. Preliminary experiments were started by own initiative. Different fibrous materials with different structures and density were used then.

Supported by ECFIA experts the idea was brought to perfection five years later. It was then progressively implemented on the rollers.

Advantages of the improved HTIW insulation:

  • rollers´ lifetime extends by factor four
  • reduced energy costs (reduced CO2-emissions)
  • reduced maintenance
  • reduced downtime
  • increased productivity
  • overall annually cost savings of 3 million Euro