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Position Papers

During its history, ECFIA has cooperated with regulators, scientists and other European industry associations to communicate general information and expert knowledge in the field of occupational health and safety in relation to HTIW. REACH and other important European initiatives are recent examples of regulatory activities potentially affecting not only ECFIA members but also their user sectors and EU industry as a whole. This section gives you access to the latest position papers that have been written in collaboration with ECFIA.

Regulatory Risk Management of Alumino-Silicate Refractory Ceramic Fibres

The application of OSH regulation based on the STOP principle (Substitution where feasible, otherwise Technical, Organizational and Personal exposure protection as needed), including compliance with a scientifically justified exposure limit adequately manages the potential risk associated with the handling and use of ASW/RCF products.

[ECFIA OEL paper English]

Inclusion of ASW/RCF on REACH Annex XIV? Socio-economic implications

The “non-use” of RCF could lead to a wide range of undesired socio-economic implications; negative impacts are expected in terms of environmental sustainability, competitiveness, employment, process safety and legal compliance with plant emission regulations.

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Joint industry position paper on risk management options (RMO) for ASW/RCF

ECFIA, along with 14 major industry associations, has developed a joint position paper on the advantages of the introduction of a BOELV under the existing framework of the CMD. The BOELV appears to be a much more efficient and effective way to achieve the overall objective of improved risk management, via harmonized workplace controls.

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